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In Features this morning

Frank Larkins analyses the new higher education research and development funding stats. They set a record, but even before the impact of COVID-19 funding for basic research is way too low.

Tim Winkler on the way the ATAR and tertiary admissions centres work, or don’t, for school leavers.

Kylie Austin on widening HE participation – we need a national collaboration and not an institutional focus. It’s Contributing Editor Sally Kift’s selection this week for her series on what we need now in teaching and learning.

Dawn Bennett and colleagues  wondered what bized students want so they asked 6000 of them.

And there’s an up-date to Angel Calderon’s article on rankings. The Nature Index standing of Australian universities is revised due to changes by the publisher. “The Index is based on a relatively small proportion of total research papers, with heaps of co-authors, so a small change in the count of papers can make a difference,” Mr Calderon says.


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