The silent C in CQU stands for Cairns

It already has a campus there – but wants a bigger, better one

It started when former VC Scott Bowman commenced a long game to build-share, on what was once exclusive James Cook U turf (CMM November 11 2016).

The next year he announced plans to double enrolments there to 2500 and extend subjects taught on a new city campus – all for a mere $54m (CMM August 3 2017).

Since then CQU has used a supportive local media to keep the issue alive, with Professor Bowman’s successor Nick Klomp quick to get the hang of the strategy (CMM July 20 2020).   Yesterday Professor Klomp and colleague Jodie Duignan-George were at it again, explaining in the Cairns Post all the academically excellent things CQU could do if only there was funding for the new site.

As with the CQU push for a med school in its central Queensland heartland, (CMM, March 9 2018, CMM March 22 2019 and CMM November 13 2020), it’s only a matter of time, as measured in federal elections.