The same shape of learning to come at Uni Queensland

On-line classes will continue in first semester next year

DVC A Joanne Wright tells staff flexible learning will stay, with executive deans making the decision on which students get what sort of class – internal, external and/or flexible.

But there won’t be much face-to-face in the in-person, on-line option, which will be for activities that, “cannot be replaced by on-line experiences, e.g. practical/clinical aspects.”

“Other activities will be on-line for the whole semester (e.g. lectures).

As to the external mode, it will be “all teaching conducted completely on-line.” This is the only option for students outside Brisbane. Learned readers warn this will continue a problem staff have found this year, that for such classes to be most effective they would need to be team-taught, with a lecturer working to camera and a tutor keeping zoomers engaged.

The flexible option, is exactly that. Tutorials will be on-campus and attendance is required but lectures are on-line for the whole semester. “This mode will increase or decrease the mix of on-line and on-campus activity depending on restrictions.”

Overall this looks like the university is writing-off the possibility of big-numbers of internationals coming back for first semester. Even if tutes are in-person lectures will be on-line – and it does not matter where students and their laptops are.