The risks TEQSA will assess

TEQSA asked the HE industry what it wanted in a new risk assessment framework

The Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency commenced consulting in May and now announces what it heard and what it will do.

Stakeholder suggestions included

* frameworks, “differentiated by provider characteristics

* continue not to publish provider data

* use adjusted, rather than raw, attrition data

* add student satisfaction indicator to graduate satisfaction, or replace the latter with the former

* “better take into account contextual factors in its staffing indicators

* “financial risk indicators need to better account for various business models, sizes and strategic financial goals”

What happens next

TEQSA says it expects “key areas of focus” in the next RAF will include;

* consider engaging providers earlier

* “refining and revising existing risk indicators”

* “revising the current presentation of risk assessment reports, to ensure their comprehensiveness and utility to providers (including through the potential incorporation of provider benchmarking)”


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