The research road more travelled

The National Research Infrastructure Roadmap is out – the direction is where the government wants to go

In case anybody missed the research commercialisation paper, Ministers Stuart Robert (Acting Education) and Melissa Price (Science and Tech) mention the roadmap, “supports and encourages greater translation and commercialisation of research by allowing industry and other research end-users to engage more effectively.”

The Roadmap endorses applied research in government priority areas, defence, space, modern manufacturing. And it calls for NRI, “to be more visible and accessible to industry and the mutual benefits from closer collaboration should be further promoted.”

There is also a make-nice for humanities, which are feeling a little left-out in the research commercialistion push. “Research in HASS areas is fundamental to understanding people, their interactions with the world and the ways in which their lives, the economy and the environment can be improved through evidence-based interventions.”

But that’s not that – with the next government set to shape where the roadmap leads. For a start an investment plan must follow.

And the Roadmap recommends an advisory group, to advise on infrastructure integration, workforces and a business model. If  this is actually appointed it will surely be after the election –  membership will indicate what the government wants.