The QUT case for research and service

Less claiming more showing in university marketing

QUT celebrates 30 years as a university, with pics and prose on 30 “innovators and inventors, hit makers and risk takers we helped create,” here.

The site assembles stories over the years on the work of researchers and graduates, including;

* James Dale who works on saving the banana – an African staple food

* waste recycler Alice Payne

* E-sport pioneers Dylan Poulus and Michael Trotter

* medical robotics researcher Clare Villalba

* astrobiologist Abigail Allwood (a principal investigator on the Mars 2020 Mission)

This is bang-on backing of QUT’s branding, “a university for the real-world.”

This week Universities Australia used the same approach, launching a second-burst in its “university research saves and changes lives” series, with social media videos about researchers, working on a blood test to measure pain, helping children who struggle to read and using song to help dementia patients.

Great campaigns both – giving ordinary Australians reasons why university research matters.


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