The price of parking for Monash U

The Victorian Ombudsman reckons Monash U was wrong not to do its own reviews of parking fine appeals between 2005 and 2019 (neither did a bunch of other authorities and agencies)

Monash U says its Act it allowed it to, but apparently recognising a hiding to nothing when in view, the university announced yesterday, it “has decided that it will offer to refund historical parking fines to eligible claimants.” An “on-line portal and announced by the university through its external communication channels,” is coming.

CMM asked what the refunds will cost but alas Monash U did not reply.

“Want to know why VC Margaret Gardner described the $259m surplus for 2020 (CMM February 8) as ‘buffer for the future’?” a learned reader unkindly comments.

Not quite, late Wednesday Monash U advised, it is budgeting $1m, “based on current estimates.”