The Murdoch ruling – what will the union do?

The NTEU is running a national live-feed on Tuesday, with General Secretary Grahame McCulloch talking about the cancellation of conditions under Murdoch University’s old enterprise agreement. The decision by the Fair Work Commission last month means Murdoch staff will be covered by the safety net award and the union cannot use the last agreement as a base for negotiating the new one.

While no other university has adopted Murdoch’s tactics they could and the NTEU warns it; “is an unprecedented attack which could threaten the pay, working conditions and livelihoods of all university staff.” The union says it is, “overwhelmed with correspondence from university staff around the country concerned about the implications.”

Staff attending on Tuesday will be able to ask questions about what the decision could mean on their campus, but there is a big question for the union, everywhere. Is it appealing the decision.