The Labor way in research translation

The Australian Research Council announces $215m in new money over four years “to fuel research in industry”

The Industry Fellowships will support 83 researchers a year to explore collaboration, translation and commercialisation across universities and industry.

“The schemes will support researchers who are translating and transferring research skills and knowledge into real world applications with commercial and other benefits,” ARC CEO Judy Zielke says.

The grant split will be 50 ECRs, 30 MCRs and up to eight, “industry laureates,” using the same approach as the laureate fellowships, with salaries and research support up to five years.

The purpose is to

* “develop a strong pipeline of researchers in Australia with capabilities in research collaboration, translation and commercialisation”

* create and continue “career pathways traversing university and industry settings”

* “increase strategic engagement and alignment between universities and industry”

and then there is the prime directive 

“contribute to the solving of industry-identified challenges and opportunities; and

“create commercial, economic and other benefits for Australia through enhanced translation and commercialisation, including the development of start-up companies.”

sound familiar? The programme’s apparent intent seems similar to the previous government’s research commercialisation plan, although there is no mention of Industry Fellowships having the coaches and an advisory board the coalition was keen on (CMM February 3 2022).