The jobs new students want

It means recruitment campaigns based on idealism and adventure are so 2019

A major survey of career-searches finds Australians want working lives that are solid, secure and virus-resistant.

Creating great resource for post school recruiters, the Good Universities Guide and HE marketing consultant Twig Marketing analysed millions of on-line career-search inquiries over 18 months to find big changes in what people aspire to.

Some are directly driven by what the pandemic permits. There was a 40 per cent drop in travel-related careers.

Other changes appear grounded in peoples’ experience of lockdowns. Interest was up in outdoor jobs and trades but down for office-work, too much Zoom can do that. Endless on-line classes might also be why the appeal of “university lecturer” dropped from 19th to 40th place with aspiring academics fearing that what they saw might be what they become. But demand was up for front-line medicine and health, interest in psychology and nursing increased.

“The changes in the data are extraordinary, but also underline the failure to help families and young people look beyond the immediate, and consider what jobs might be really needed a few years down the track when they have trained for whatever new career they have chosen, Tim Winkle from Twig Marketing says.

However, there is no suppressing demand for that most Australian of fascinations – property prices. There was a 350 per cent increase in searches for careers in real estate.

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