The jobs are out there

The future for the PhD-ed precariat is getting grimmer, as universities look at sessionals for savings. PostAC will help will help them

In February, an ANU-CSIRO team launched PostAc University, a search engine custom-built to help PhDs facing job hunting outside the academy, (CMM January 23). It provides, examples of jobs that have been posted in the past, “which can help people who are working on a CV.”

A dire need then is a desperate one now, as universities warn of cuts to sessional staff. So it is fortunate that the PostAc team is working on a new product. Where PostAcU was for institutional subscribers and retrospective, people who want to use the new PostAc Individual won’t need a university subscription to search for current jobs.

“When you search PostAc Individual, you only see jobs outside academia that use your skills as a researcher, making the job search quicker and easier. We’ll be inviting select recruitment firms into PostAc, so you can make connections with people who are interested in hiring people like you – with unique, high-end, research skill sets.”

There will be a beta later this year.