The great state of NSW history

The State Library of NSW announces funding for research in its collections

Sally Young (Uni Melbourne) is awarded the $100 000 Coral Thomas Fellowship to write a history of the political and corporate power of Australian media dynasties.

David Hansen (ANU) has the Ross Steele Fellowship ($20 000) for a study of the acquisition/exhibition of 50-100 pictures in the Library’s collection.

Ben Huf (Uni Sydney) will use his $20 000 A M Hertzberg to explore the creation of Australia’s monetary system in colonial NSW.

Rebecca Jones is awarded the C H Currey Fellowship. She will use its $20 000 for a study of Australian responses to extreme weather.

Sophie Robinson’s (UNSW) Nancy Keesing Fellowship ($20 0000) will support her project on Sydney’s lesbian sub-culture in the ‘90s.

Clare Monagle (Macquarie U) will use the Australian Religious History Fellowship ($20 000) to research the emergence of Christian feminism.

Jarrod Hore (Macquarie U) receives the David Scott Mitchell Fellowship ($20 000) to explore the work of geologist William Branwhite Clark 1839-78.

James Boyce (U Tas) has the Merewether Fellowship ($20 000) to research competing visions for NSW in the Macquarie years, in the context of settlers subsuming Aboriginal land.


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