The difference a plague makes

Charles Darwin U’s new CBD campus was planned to accommodate the international enrolments the university desperately needed to pay its way. Now it needs them to help fill the the campus

The flash Darwin city site was originally a big part of a plan by previous management to get the university out of a financial hole, the university has just shy of $250m in federal government loans to build it. (CMM December 12 2019).

But now federal funding means the university does not need the money the way it did, there was a 14 per cent revenue increase  and a $40m surplus in 2020 – which is good.

What isn’t is that post (fingers crossed) pandemics international arrivals are not as sure a thing as they once were.

But CDU will need international students by ’24 to “fill our new city campus” and so VC Scott Bowman and colleagues are on a sales-trip to the universities biggest markets, Bangladesh, India and Nepal.