The data does not lie: this is a MOOC in the making

Curtin U staff and student have won the campus marketing hackathon with a concept for a short course on managing and presenting data

By 2020 there will be 40 zettabytes of digital data, – 40 trillion gigs, give or take and people will need to know how to mine all the info and refine it into actionable ideas for fun and profit. Enter the un-named seven members of Curtin’s Winfographic hack squad who propose a six-month unit, a “flexible, stackable course in infographic design that emphasises the critical thinking required for effective communication and linking data with business and academic objectives.” It could be on-line, on-campus or blended.

Curtin U says it is “hopeful” that the concept can become a course, or embed into others. But if the university doesn’t somebody will – CMM bets a zettabyte to a brick that this is a MOOC in the making.