The case of the disappearing biz journal ranking

Last Friday the business deans group released its much-anticipated draft journal ranking, and then withdrew it

The results were closely reviewed by editors and admirers of journals that went up, down or stayed the same – there was much-ish movement in financial fields and marketing. But not for long, by the beginning of the week the ranking was gone, “due to unforeseen technical issues.” The Australian Business Deans Council says that the issue, “meant in a handful of cases the draft list did not reflect the recommendations of the panels.”

The revised draft is now due Monday, with feedback extended for a week, to October 18.

The revised ranking, wherever it is, was based on a methodology review in 2017, by Kim Langfield Smith (Monash U emeritus professor) and Geoffrey Wood (Uni Essex). Some eight discipline based panels oversaw its assembly (CMM April 16).


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