The case for more or much more money for universities

Labor and the Greens debate education policy

The future of higher education in Bendigo is up for election discussion, with the National Tertiary Education Union hosting a Q&A “on major political priorities”.  The Greens and ALP candidates will speak, which will likely mean the debate will be between the case for more money for the local La Trobe University campus and much more money.

As with the union Q&A at Murdoch U, (CMM yesterday), the coalition is not represented. La Trobe U management does not get a speaking spot either – but Bendigo campus academic Cathleen Farrelly will.

Dr Farrelly is a vocal opponent of the university’s plan to change teacher education course delivery at Bendigo, warning management plans to have less local staff and Melbourne-based visiting academics lecturing, (CMM March 21).


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