The art of the academic review at USQ

They like a review at the University of Southern Queensland, with proposals for change in higher degree admin, the library and teaching and learning this year. A learned reader reports management also commissioned a comprehensive report on performing arts teaching and practise in the university.

There’s drama in detail in the review, now circulating, of the Creative Arts academic unit and the Artsworx service provider. The review is carefully kind to just about everybody, reviewers use the old Australian Universities Quality Agency format of “commendations,” “affirmations” and recommendations.”  However the courtesy does not disguise conflict between some academics and Artsworx, which the reviewers address at length.

However its not the biggest point they make.

“Creative Arts and Artsworx are heavily cross subsidised by the university. In Creative Arts, this is due to the current full time equivalent staff profile and many of its second and third year courses incurring negative margins. Some courses need to be discontinued or put on rotation to ensure viable enrolments. Also needed are more staff and resource sharing that could support a more unified curriculum in the Bachelor of Creative Arts. For Artsworx, clarification is required as to whether Artsworx be explicitly profit maximising, that is, seeking a profit by undertaking all feasible activities; or whether it should be focused on strategic creative arts or university initiatives.”



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