The aisles have it for some international students

The federal government has lifted the 40 hour per fortnight work cap for international students with jobs in NSW and Victoria supermarkets, “and associated distribution facilities” during lockdown

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke says the industry requested it, “as many staff are subject to self-isolation orders.” ​

It’s an extension of the cap-lifting in March 2020, when Mr Hawke suspended the then 20-hour a fortnight cap for international students working as supermarket shelf stackers (CMM March 16 2020). And it brings supermarket workers into line, at least in terms of hours, with international students in the tourism and hospitality sectors. In May Mr Hawke lifted the forty hours per fortnight cap for them. The minister also added tourism/hospitality to the 12 month 408 Covid-19 Pandemic Event Visa (CMM May 10 2021.) There is no word of this occurring for internationals in supermarkets.