The AIs have it

A Curtin U start-up increases campus security monitoring while eliminating overload


Perth-based, Curtin start-up, iCetana Limited (ASX:ICE) is going global with video analytics technology.

The company helps transform security control centres in organisations, with a dynamic live-monitoring surveillance system developed by Curtin University researchers, funded in part by the Australian Research Council. The research team was led by Svetha Venkatesh of Curtin’s Institute of Multi-Sensor Processing and Content Analysis.

The technology learns typical behaviour in busy environments, such as crowds, and can then report unusual activity.

In the education sector, iCetana already works with Curtin, Deakin and Swinburne universities and has just announced a contract with Canada’s Mount Royal University for campus security throughout the COVID-19 shutdown.

The company’s scalable solution directs camera operators to the most important or unusual events occurring at any given time, whether they are monitoring dozens or thousands of cameras.

ICetana estimates its AI tool, can almost completely eradicate video overload, while maintaining 100 per cent real-time proactive monitoring.

Dirk Mulder is CMM’s international education correspondent