TEQSA talks (politely) tough on academic integrity

Regulator TEQSA has updated its guidance note on academic integrity, it merits reading closely

The higher education regulator has released its updated advice for institutions on maintaining academic and research integrity. It is typical TEQSA, carefully understated as to what happens if an institution fails the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency test – which is the descent of a ton of bricks, or as the agency puts it; breaches, “undermine the integrity of assessment of students’ work and thus place the credentialing authority of the provider at risk and, in consequence, its reputation as well.”

TEQSA could become even more important in integrity enforcement – just before the election was called Education Minister Dan Tehan released a draft of legislation targeting exam taking and essay writing services – making providers liable for a $210 000 fine and two years in the slammer (CMM April 8). If the next government proceeds with the legislation as proposed TEQSA would enforce it.

As to research misconduct TEQSA points to the 2007 edition of the research code of conduct – which was significantly strengthened in last year’s edition, (CMM June 15 2018).


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