TEQSA: slow and using out of date data

An audit of the HE regulator agency finds its effectiveness “mixed”

The Australian National Audit Office  concludes the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency’s approvals processes were, “effective but not always timely.” While key approvals were made within time required, the agency did not meet its own targets for re-registration and re-accreditation of low-risk providers, generally public universities. “Limitations” in information relied on also meant that, “for the majority of providers, risk assessments were usually based on two-year old data.”

“This can impact on the accuracy of the provider risk profile,” the audit office warns

The ANAO also advises TEQSA’s compliance and enforcement processes were “partially effective.” While TEQSA started increasing compliance assessments last year they, “have not always been adequately documented.”

“TEQSA provides limited reporting on the outcomes of some of its enforcement processes.”

However, the auditor also points to TEQSA taking, “appropriate action to support the sector to address the majority of identified key risks.”

The agency accepts all recommendations in the report but adds; “TEQSA has only recently had its resourcing increased following a period of significant reduction in resourcing and reduced capacity.”