TEQSA sees changes coming

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency suggests to the O’Kane Accord how HE will change over the next ten years

It predicts

* “much of the growth” is likely to be in the private sector

* more dual-sector providers, “as current vocational education providers seek to expand the breadth of their course offerings to retain a pipeline of students throughout the education lifecycle”

* “community expectations of pathways of learning that are industry driven and can build to, and follow on from, traditional degrees”

And it warns

* international student recruitment will rely on education agents and on partners for course delivery

* technology, currently “file sharing websites, contract assignment completion and artificial intelligence,” are potentially “existential threats” to academic integrity

* “cyber security vulnerabilities and foreign interference … will pose risks”

* of risks in “a lack of admissions transparency and integrity”

* and of the “prevalence of sexual assault and sexual harassment experienced by students”


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