Ten big questions about how universities are run

David Shoebridge, a Greens MP in the NSW upper house asks the minister

* what oversight is there of public universities management

* does the government know a previous coalition ministry “watered-down” provisions for independent oversight and accountability of university executives

* whether staff and student representation is reduced on governing bodies

* what has the government done re universities using commercial-in-confidence as a shield

* are staff and students consulted on staffing, curricula and expenditure

* why is there no state and/or federal legislation requiring consultation

* which faculties/schools in universities have the highest average international enrolments over five years

* as above for casuals teaching international students

* why statistical and financial details previously required in annual reports are no longer included

* are there measures to require public universities to conduct due diligence of finances

Answers from Minister for Skills and Tertiary Education Geoff Lee are due on April 14.

Perhaps Dr Lee could copy the questions to chancellors in NSW.