Tehan points to the next big things in HE regulation

The education minister spoke at the Tertiary Education Quality Standard Agency’s conference Friday. People planning work for next year were wisely taking notes

Noonan review of Australian Qualification Framework:  Mr Tehan specifically mentioned the review’s “recognition of micro-credentials” and school subjects that count for-credit in voc ed qualifications and university degrees

Coaldrake review of HE provider category standards: The minister mentioned the proposed new category, “national institutes of higher education,” “to recognise the highest performing higher education providers which are not universities.”

French model free speech code: Mr Tehan’s message was polite; “It is pleasing to see the progress universities are making towards the adoption of the model code in a way consistent with their individual legislative framework. “

But firm; “I am committed to working with the sector to achieve 100 per cent adoption of the code by next year and we will benchmark all responses against the code.”

Foreign interference guidelines: “Universities and our national security services” to review implementation in six months, he advised.

Mr Tehan also suggested TEQSA should aim, to be responsive to, but not captured by the sector, quicker and more careful and “stay within authority.”

He could have said, but didn’t, that it should not be like ASQA of old – quite right, that would have been unkind.


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