Tehan backs a major role for micro-credentials

Last week the education minister went big on the future for short-courses and informal learning. He did it again yesterday 

In his text for a Sydney speech the education minister, said, “the development of micro-credentials will drive innovation and provide an additional income stream for universities, while making them more efficient, relevant to industry and responsive to the requirements of domestic students.”

Mr Tehan added, “the Treasurer will have more to say on short courses in next week’s budget.”

This follows his announcement last week of a “nationals credential platform which he wants to include, “recognition of micro-credentials and general capabilities,” (CMM September 25).

While critics focus on the government’s proposed changes to undergraduate funding, it’s Mr Tehan’s interest in micro-credentials which may be more of a threat over time to existing university teaching-income.

As the minister said in May; “micro-credentials address the most common barriers cited by adult workers who are not intending to undertake further formal training or study: time and cost,” (CMM June 22).


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