Tech unis proposes working with more for what they’ve got

The Australian Technology Network’s budget bid proposes new Commonwealth funding, before the O’Kane Review reports

The ATN acknowledges the Universities Accord will propose changes for the medium and long term but it suggests ways HE can be better funded now (and presumably into the future).

Proposals include,

* a loading for engineering and science places in 2024, to undo the funding skew caused by the previous government’s Job Ready Graduates programme. For $1m in fixed Commonwealth funds, universities can enrol 59 engineering undergrads or 872 in society and culture (presumably due to the higher student contribution by those in the later). “The system is not set up to deliver the volume and high quality of teaching required for globally recognised qualifications,” ATN asserts.

* income assistance during student placement in national priority professions, notably in teaching, nursing and clinical psychology

* pilot including all translational research funding (for example, capital and income to support research commercialisation) in the research block grant formula

* a new funding stream for engagement with community/industry in national emergencies (such as floods and fires) and “urgencies” (for example, energy transition)

* support for spin-outs from the Trailblazer programme and a new round of it

* including clean energy and sustainable industries in the R&D Tax Incentive and extend it to mid-stages of the research pipe-line, from concept to full commercial design and development.

* whole of government approach to international education (from policy, through visas to housing for students)