Teacher education review imminent

Just in time for the election, the government will release its review of initial teacher education sometime, “over the next few weeks”

Acting Education Minister Stuart Robert mentioned it on Sky News. Last March then minister Alan Tudge commissioned the unfortunately acronymed QITER (for quality initial teacher education review), “to consider the next evolution of reforms to teacher education (CMM March 12 2021).  There was a discussion paper in June, which signalled issues to address, including problems at ITE providers (CMM June 21 2021).

The failings of educations faculties is an issue that exercised Mr Tudge as minister.

In October he deplored “ideological resistance” in “teacher training” to “two highly effective teaching methods,” explicit instruction and  phonics. And he warned that, “if necessary, the Government will use the full leverage of the $760m it provides education faculties to insist that evidence-based practices are taught,” (CMM October 25). He repeated the message next month (CMM November 26).

Extraordinary stuff but a way to appeal to people who think schools don’t teach what and the way they should without criticising teachers, which is never wise – given they are numerous, vocal and generally popular. None of which applies to education faculty managements.

If the government wants schools to be an election issue, criticism of ITE will shortly start.