Talks stall at Western Sydney University

On Tuesday, there was a prospect of peace at Western Sydney U, where the campus branch of the NTEU thought management was minded to settle on terms for an enterprise agreement. But not now. Last night campus union leader David Burchell told members that while progress was made in meetings this week more time is needed. However, management now wants to delay the next days of discussion until the Spring teaching semester ends, “when member’s attention might be expected to turn elsewhere.”

Dr Burchell explicitly states that the university is bargaining in good faith according to the Fair Work Act but that management’s new schedule means bargaining will continue into the New Year, when matters will be confused by the roll-out of the new shared services programme, which is expected to involve staff retrenchments ( CMM August 28). Something to look forward to.

Dr Burchell says members have resolved to take industrial action in the week of October 12.


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