Swinburne wants to cut staff to improve performance

Swinburne University proposes restructuring library and student service functions to address what it calls; “a disjointed and inconsistent service to our students. According to a brief for staff, the changes are needed because of “our underperformance on key industry measures.”

“Currently the support model that exists has the library, studentHQ, curriculum implementation, enrolments and contact centre teams operating separately, with different processes making service improvements difficult, resulting in a disjointed and inconsistent service to our students,” Swinburne states.

The changes will vary the staff profile of a number of units with 25 positions declared surplus in library services, 18 in HEW four, five and six bands. However the staff hit is heaviest in customer service and relations functions. While 33 new jobs are created, staff in the 26 existing positions that are declared surplus may have to apply for posts below their existing paygrade. Some 17 HEW four, five HEW five and 14 HEW six posts are announced as surplus with 20 HEW four posts created, seven HEW five just three HEW six. There are 54 customer service and relations staff unaffected under the plan and three new HEW seven to nine posts.

Staff must respond to the proposal by September 22, with launch of a new structure scheduled for November.

Last night Swinburne U director of administration and library services Michelle Gillespie, said the proposed changes are intended to ensure “students get the service they need when and where they need it.”

“Many of the positions that are no longer required are currently vacant. A number of other roles will change, as we adjust our workflows to provide students with the services they need,” she said.