Swinburne U VC awards

The (numerous) winners were announced yesterday

HE teaching: * Jessica Balanzategui (Authentic Industry-Engaged Screen Curriculum) * Georgina Willetts, Laurina Schmidt, Loretta Garvey, Michael Olasoji (nursing)

Voced teaching: * Carin Grant (Health, Science and Community) * Andrew Cookson, Anita Mahoney, Karen Hall, Nadine Hantke (Online Mental Health Simulation)

Research: * Karl Glazebrook (Astrophysics and Supercomputing) * Derui Ding, Qing-Long Han, Xian-Ming Zhang, Xiaohua Ge (Distributed Control and Estimation of Networked Systems)

Early career research: * Justin Trounson (Forensic Behavioural Science) * Amie Hayley (Human Psychopharmacology)

Community engagement: * Ashir Ahmed (Taking global learning to Melbourne’s isolated female Islamic Community) * Aida Brydon, Deborah Koder, Jenny Linossier, Mark Silver, Rebecca Collins, Sunil Bhar (Telehealth support for residential aged care)

Industry engagement: * Anthony McCosker (digital inclusion and social data) * the ten members of the global innovation community team

Global initiatives:  * Carolyn Chong, Jessica Morales-Morin (partnership with FPT University in Vietnam) * Alicia Pridgeon, Goran Gambiroza, Janine Shearer, Jogvan Klein (Swinburne X LinkedIn Programme)

Service: * the 43 members of the Swinburne Student Emergency Fund team

Leadership: * Glenn Kacprzak (Astrophysics and Supercomputing)

Reconciliation: Cecilia Distefano, Cyan Earnshaw, Damian Davitt, Jenn Sheehan (NAIDOC student artwork competition)

Culture and values:  * the 23 members of the People, Planning and Culture COVID-19 team

Inclusion and diversity:  Angie Martin (connecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff) * Nicola Howard, Michelle Gillespie, Vivian Allard, Julia Prendergast, Deanne Fisher, Tom Evershed (preferred student name project)

Innovation: * the ten members of the Swintopia (formerly known as Open Day) team * the 12 members of the Pathways and voced collaboration team

Sustainability:  * Matthew Parnell, Mhairi Donohoe, Oliver Moritz, Suzanne Jackson (renewable electricity)

Lifetime achievement : * Matthew Bailes, * Chris Goetze * Isabella Chor


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