Swinburne U sky-high strategy

The university “joins Tech Council of Australia to solve the tech talent crisis,” announcement yesterday

Apparently, it is part of an alliance to rustle up the million tech jobs Australia will need by 2025.

But CMM suspects it is also more, part of VC Pascale Quester’s brand-plan.

“My vision for Swinburne is that we need to differentiate from the pack and that our DNA at Swinburne is fundamentally STEM and technology and preparing the human capital required to make it sing,” she said, (before she had started) (CMM July 9 2020).

And it also will help launch three of her 2025 “moon shots,” “every Swinburne learner gets a work experience, “every Swinburne graduate gets a job and “every Swinburne partner gets a tech solution,” (CMM April 30).