Swinburne U plans four “moon-shots”: these are the schools to power them

The university announce a new academic organisation

The four new schools (and where they came from) are,

Engineering and Health Sciences : The two schools remain as was and deans Emad Gad (of the former) and Brice Thompson (the latter) stay.

The HASS school changes: it is now Film, Media, Social Sciences and Education. Mia Lindgren continues as dean.

School of Design: adds architecture. Jane Burry remains in charge.

There’s a new school of Business, Law and Entrepreneurship: The law school, launched in February 2015 becomes a department of the new school, under existing head Mirko Bagaric. Present business dean Keryn Chalmers has charge of the whole school. Entrepreneurship is elevated because, “it is vital for the university’s success … we need to ensure that our learners have entrepreneurial spirit and talent.”

School of Science, Computing and Engineering Technologies: is a merger of two schools, science and software and electrical engineering. Alex Stojcevski, now dean of software-electrical engineering is head of school. Present science dean Virginia Kilborn, “will take on a new and exciting senior cross-university disciple role.”

The new structure follows Vice Chancellor Pascale Quester’s announcement of four “moon-shots” to be achieved in 2025 (CMM April 30),

““every Swinburne learner gets a work experience

* “every Swinburne graduate gets a job”

* “every Swinburne partner gets a tech solution,” and

* Swinburne U “is the prototype of global best practice