Swinburne to make better blockchains

Last year Swinburne U’s Aleksandar Subic announced a blockchain for the ownership of artworks as part of its applied BC research programme (CMM April 6 2018). Now the university is extending its engagement with a partnership to develop blockchain based solutions for supply chain problems in financial services, creative industries, manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical and health domains. A Swinburne team led by dean of digital research and innovation Xiang Yang will work with French consultancy Capgemini.

It’s another Subic strategy to position Swinburne in the Industry 4.0 space. The university is one of four Australian institutions partnering with Siemens to use its industrial software for teaching and research. Last week  Professor Subic was announced leader of the feds’ Industry 4.0 testlab pilots working on, “transformative technologies to connect the physical world with the digital world.


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