Support for students in virus-times

Just in time exit at Canberra U 

The university announced Friday that students could withdraw from a first semester subject until midnight Sunday – exams start today. It was a recommendation from the Student Representative Council and adds to the “temporary grading strategy”, designed to assist students whose studies are disrupted by COVID-19.

They will still be up for fees and will receive a “withdrawn-late” grade.

Curtin U marketing to locals

The university announces any Y12 student who makes Curtin their first preference for next year, gets in and enrols, will get their Tertiary Institutions Services Centre $55 fee back. Curtin management says that this acknowledges, “a difficult year financially for many people.” It follows the new early entry scheme which will make offers on “predicted” ATARs, “calculated from Y11 results,” (CMM May 8).

Back to CSU soon-ish, sort-of

Charles Sturt U plans a “phased return” to on-campus studies by month-end. Lab based and high-prac courses will get preference, but, “some courses may remain entirely on-line for second session.”

ANU’s three steps to everybody being back

At ANU this morning college deans start deciding how to open what when. Research staff who need to use kit on campus will likely be first starters, with other staff and “approved” students to follow in a fortnight. The present plan is for everybody to be back, “with restrictions in place” on July 27.