Support assists engagement

CMM advertiser Studiosity finds that students start out happy with their choice of institution but time erodes enchantment. The study support service released the full results of its annual student survey at its university conference earlier this month.  Some 78 per cent of first year respondents said they would choose their university again, which drops to 50 per cent by the fourth year of enrolments. One significant cause of the decline, Studiosity, is an absence of academic support.

“Regret is a powerful emotion that can profoundly affect one’s willingness to persevere with a course of action. … Educating students on the importance of making choices based on issues like study support, value for money and access to extracurricular activities, in addition to considering a university’s reputation or where their friends are going, is absolutely essential, ” UNSW Scientia Education Academy Director (and Studiosity advisor) Chris Tisdell says.


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