Super win for fixed-term staff all over

Big winners in enterprise bargaining round seven are fixed term staff – everywhere. The National Tertiary Education Union made increasing management contributions to their superannuation to 17 per cent a key claim at all universities. And so far it is universally adopted. Andrew Dempster from Proofpoint Advisory dug through the records of the present bargaining round to find most universities will introduce the increase in one hit, by 2020 or ’21. UniSydney and La Trobe U are phasing-in the increase from 12 per cent in three steps. But Deakin, Swinburne and JCU have done it one hit, with fixed-term people picking the full super hike next year.

However the union has had less than no luck in securing the same super increase for casual staff, who now get 9.5 per cent, like the rest of us.  Roll on enterprise bargaining round eight.


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