Super-quick tick from TEQSA

The higher education regulator took three working days to approve undergraduate certificates to be offered by a private provider

CMM understands the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency has approved three six-month courses from Sydney-based, International College of Management Sydney.

They are early private-sector starters in Education Minister Dan Tehan’s programme of HECS-eligible short courses designed for people keen to up-skill during the COVID-19 caused jobs crisis.

While the self-accrediting status of universities means they can launch this class of courses whenever they choose, other providers need a tick from TEQSA.

Which ICM has secured in what must be record time for the regulator.  Independent Higher Education Australia was quick to congratulate both college and agency last night.

“IHEA applauds TEQSA’s flexibility and focus on supporting the sector through the impacts of COVID19. The rapid accreditation of new courses from quality independent providers will assist many Australians impacted by COVID-19 to achieve their life goals,” CEO Simon Finn said.