Sunshine at Moreton Bay

The first class at the new Uni Sunshine Coast campus there graduated yesterday

It’s the culmination of work by many people, notably former VC Greg Hill who campaigned with the local council from 2015, making the case that demographic demand established the for a new campus. And so he extracted bi-partisan support, including money for infrastructure and in 2018 convinced the Commonwealth to unfreeze student growth (CMM June 25 2018, February 19 2020).

Plan is to grow to 10 000 students by the end of the decade (CMM December 2021).

Which might be a touch tougher than thought back then – at least if the pipeline from all of university numbers in ’22 continues. Total USC EFTS last year were 11 374, well down on 2021’s 12 170. The university’s annual report suggests, “increases in labour market opportunities often correlate with a decrease in university enrolments. Harsh economic conditions including cost of living and rental affordability may have also contributed.”