Students’ personal details open access at U Tas

There’s been a security breach of records

But it’s not cyber-crime – word is it occurred because of an “incident”,  which “inadvertently” allowed everybody with a U Tas email to access “some students” personal information.

So how many is some? Close observers of IT at Sandy Bay say 19 000 – which by UTas standards is less “some” than 60 per cent or so.

As to what sort of information, it appears to have been files on study support for individuals.

But not to worry; “We have undertaken a thorough review of how this information became accessible and have taken immediate steps to ensure it is secure,” VC Rufus Black told students yesterday.   After it wasn’t.

Professor Black, adds the university has, “identified and contacted all students and staff members who may have had unauthorised access to these files with advice on what to do.”  Not read people’s private information would surely be a start.