Students in 2020; grim and beared it

The bad news is a third of undergraduates contemplated dropping out last-year. The good news is why most didn’t

The findings are from a new survey by study-support platform (and CMM advertiser) Studiosity.

The main reason why students thought of stopping study was lost motivation (21 per cent) followed by disappointment at not having the campus experience they expected and feeling unsupported in study.

Students in Victoria led for a loss of motivation (27 per cent), closely followed by Queensland 26 per cent) and WA (20 per cent).  There is no apparent pattern by age, gender or where they were in their programme.

But there is a common factor shared by 50 per cent of those who contemplated quitting but didn’t. “They knew they needed to push on, work harder and not give up.”

They also knew they weren’t on their own.

According to Chris Tisdell, director of UNSW’s education academy (and Studiosity’s chief academic officer), “what I noticed from my students last year was that they have also gained a deeper understanding of the importance of asking for help – and knowing the best way to do this – both of which will be invaluable as they graduate and move into the workplace.”