Student ebbs and flows in VET and HE

Feds A talked to Feds B to identify student movement between VET and higher education

A pilot project looked for links between VET sector Unique Student Identifiers (7.876m registrations) and HE Commonwealth Higher Education Support Numbers (4.791m registrations). They found 1.1m linked registrations and 346 000 records with valid enrolment-completion data) Using de-identified data they discovered a bunch of stuff, including;

* VET students who enrol in HE are more likely to have completed a training course

* 25 per cent of VET students moving to HE enrol in the society and culture field, although there is no major trend

* of bachelor degree students enrolling in VET, 63 per cent had completed their degree, 12 per cent were still studying and the rest had dropped out

* for HE to VET students the most popular AQF course fields are management/commerce and society-culture. The popular non AQF fields are first-aid and occ health and safety


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