Startups need more techs

The education system is not meeting demand for high-tech skills start-ups need, “stifling” an economic growth-area, new research from StartupAus finds.

This morning’s report sets out what entrepreneurs need now and what they will want soon.

Three skill sets are in short supply now; coders, business development and account managers and user experience designers. As start-ups grow they twill need product managers and data-scientists. In contrast, entrepreneurs have less trouble finding local marketing, sales and customer service people

Nor will the traditional Australian solution of using immigrants to fill skills gaps necessarily work. Countries further down the start-up path, notably Singapore and the US, are already buying international talent in data science and full stack (from concept to [product) computing engineers.

“This is a strong indication that Australia’s ecosystem is not as mature as some of the international comparison. Here, the responses from scale-up founders are likely acting as a lead indicator that demand for data and product roles is set to increase substantially.”

As to educating locals to meet emerging tech needs, there isn’t enough occurring. “Australia has an excellent education system and a hi


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