Snakes on a chain: the rare cases of ARC funded blockchain research 

The blockchain turns ten in October, with the anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto’s foundation text and Australian researchers are on to it – just not many of them.

Jason Potts and colleagues at RMIT produce papers on the way the system can change the how economies and government work. People at Monash are interested in a blockchain exchange.

And at the University of Sydney, Vincent Gramoli has just received an Australian Research Council future fellowship worth $855 000 over four years to create the red belly blockchain ,a technology to address a core problem; blockchains “require resources that grow with the number of participants and yet fail at providing increasing performance.”  (CMM October 26 2017). The ARC also awarded him a $376 000 Discovery Project grant earlier this year, to develop a blockchain security system called taipan (what is it with the snakes?).

But that’s it – Dr Gramoli holds the only two grants awarded by the ARC for specifically named blockchain research, ever.


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