Slow start to standardising IP

This research translation stuff can be harder than it appears in strategy docs

In July the feds convened intellectual property experts to advise on a standard IP framework for collaborating universities and business, (CMM July 5, September 22). But what the experts arrived at did not go down well with peak research lobbies (CMM October 22) and so the brief for the trailblazer research programme included a requirement for “innovative IP arrangements.,” (CMM November 26).

But now there is a Higher Education Research Commercialisation IP Framework, in the government’s new model, which sounds bigger than it is, “The framework provides standardised IP licensing and contractual agreements as well as education and guidance materials to establish a common and clear starting point to negotiations.

And it’s not going anywhere fast. According to the research accelerator plan, the IP Framework, “will initially be applied for a limited set of publicly funded research grants and programs with future expansion to be considered over time.”