Skills to stop plagiariasm

Study support provider (and CMM advertiser) Studiosity commissioned a survey of student attitudes to plagiarism to find that 40 per cent of those from non English-speaking backgrounds are more tolerant of cheating than native English speakers (11 per cent). Student attitudes are broadly similar in the UK and ANZ, although 25 per cent of the sample in Britain thought people did not care about plagiarism, compared to 17 per cent here and in NZ.

The report also finds that international students who use a support service are more confident in the quality of their work, have a higher intolerance of plagiarism and believe they have the skills to avoid it. Many international students arrive in Australia with very different understandings of what β€˜academic integrity and honesty’ mean, and it’s imperative that universities that enrol them recognise this and take necessary steps to ensure they understand how to appropriately cite, reference, and attribute,” Studiosity CEO Michael Larsen says.


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