Singers who shine for Southern Cross

Southern Cross U noted International Music Day (Tuesday) with a pick of the top 50 female recording artists, ever 

Staff from Contemporary Music and the School of Arts and Social Sciences chose women “at the pioneering forefront of, global musical styles emerging in the 20th  and 21st centuries.”

The ranking, they say, was constructed, “through the sonic lens of 21st century Australian contemporary and popular musical culture.

Quite a lot of Australian musical culture.

The top ten are, Mamie Smith (blues), Arizona Dranes (African-American gospel), Sister Rosetta Tharpe, (blues), Edith Piaf (French folk ballad), Billie Holliday (jazz) Sara and Maybelle Carter (bluegrass, country), Ella Fitzgerald (jazz), Aretha Franklin (soul) Dolly Parton (country) and Helen Reddy (uncategorised).

Yes, Taylor Swift is there, at 36. So is a big bunch of Australians to back Ms Reddy; Judith Durham (20), Olivia Newton John (22), Ruby Hunter (24), Renee Geyer (28), Chrissie Amphlett (30), Kylie Minogue (32), Deborah Conway (42), Tina Arena (44), Sandy Evans (45), Kate Crawford (48), Christine Anu (49) and Kasey Chambers (50).


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