Shrinking scope of feds IP instructions

Before the election the coalition issued a range of IP templates for Higher Education Research Commercialisation which weren’t liked by lobbies.  They’re still around, just not as widely

They had been a while coming but from the start lobbies considered them prescriptive and intrusive (CMM October 19 2021 and March 7).

Last week they appeared again, pretty much unchanged, with the only apparent response to criticism an undertaking using them is voluntary (CMM September 2) and that they only apply to the Trailblazer Universities (now funded) and the Australia’s Economic Accelerator programmes. Good-oh but they will according to the Department of Education (as of August 1), “provide the basis for benchmarking the IP framework applied by universities under those two programmes” – which does not sound all that voluntary to CMM.

But make that one programme. As to using them for the Accelerator, it will only be an issue if it is ever legislated.