Shorter but not as sweet at CQU

Learned readers report management wants a two-year enterprise agreement instead of the usual three

Others that could be discussed include no pay rises, five fewer university holidays, and an increase in the span of hours in which professional staff can work a regular shift.

CMM asked CQU about them and Barbara Miller (Director, People and Culture) replied in writing. “Given the current global outlook, a two-year agreement is a prudent approach, and allows us to revisit the agreement when more is known about the post-COVID operating context.”

But there was nothing specific about the other issues, “CQ University has long had one of the most generous enterprise agreements in the sector. While we are proud to be an employer of choice, we also have a duty to ensure the long-term sustainability of our institution. We’re currently working through a number of options with our union colleagues, to ensure the right balance between maintaining a sector-leading agreement and ensuring conditions are congruent with our fiscal responsibilities,” Ms Miller wrote.

She’s right about the old agreement being generous – it included a cumulative 10.5 per cent pay rise over five years (CMM August 24 2017).