Second regulator intervenes at Charles Sturt

The Australian Dental Council has placed conditions on its teaching registration

The university’s registration was renewed for 7 years in 2014, when the Council stated, the school was, “to be congratulated on the development of the program since the program commenced in 2009.”

But things changed and acting on “concerns” the Council intervened to examine CSU’s performance.

The council reports:

* evidence of intimidation and allegations of bullying

* staff shortages impacting on programme delivery

* questions on the school’s capacity to supervise students with patients

* communication issues between staff and students and between staff, “contribute to an atmosphere of distrust

* “not all” professional competencies expected of a newly qualified dentist taught and assessed in the programme

The Council also requires by the end of the month evidence of; “processes in place to address cheating are effective and that only students demonstrating the required professional competencies can graduate from the program.”

The Council has continued the school’s accreditation subject to it meeting conditions, with a site visit within six months, to assess the “program’s ongoing ability to meet the accreditation standards.”

Last month the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency renewed Charles Sturt U’s overall accreditation for four years, rather than the normal seven. Governance issues and management of the partnership with a pathway provider were issues involved, (CMM May 6).

This was very bad news for CSU’s standing in its regional NSW heartland, with Vice Chancellor Andrew Vann assuring the community “our degrees and course accreditations are unaffected and remain valid and credible,” (CMM May 27).

The dental school’s news does not help his case.


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