Scott Bowman starts campaign for an NT medical school

The newish Charles Darwin U VC calls for a med school to start by 2023, with a starting in-take of 40, rising to 60 pa over five years

This would meet current demand for interns in the Northern Territory health system.

Professor Bowman set the objective in a speech at Flinders U, which now teaches medicine in the NT.

The speech comes with ducks already lined-up. The proposal is in partnership the Menzies School of Health Research in the NT and CDU has appointed Ian Wronski inaugural DVC for Northern Australia Medical and Health Development (CMM July 15).

It’s a strategy Professor Bowman used when VC at CQU, where he organised support before beginning a campaign for a med school (CMM March 9 2018).

CQU is now set to teach pre-med next year, preparatory for a Uni Queensland med degree taught in CQU’s heartland (CMM February 24).